Shadows in the Grass

We Survived the Move

Hello dear Friends, Family and Supporters of Shadows in the Grass,

We’re trying to keep the spam low and the excitement high, so here is another update to keep us on your radar! We’ve been hard at work and have been making tangible progress that we’re excited to share with you!

Despite the massive endeavor of moving their offices across the city, the visual effects company we partnered with last year continues to impress us with their enthusiasm for the project. With their help, we have now modeled ALL of our interior assets and Conrad’s design has been finalized, his modelling refined, and his body rigged for animation. Check out the videos below if you want to see a small sample of our modeled assets!

Next up comes texturing Conrad and the environments, as well the as rendering, compositing, and finally, mastering the whole film.

As stated in our last update, our IndieGoGo campaign was really wonderful, but the roughly 60% funding we hit has meant we either must take a hit in quality, or extend our timelines… as they say, ‘Good, Fast, Cheap… Pick Two’. Mike and I are being extremely judicious with our spending on the project and we refuse to compromise on quality. Unfortunately that means the film is taking more time than we would have liked and had originally planned.

We hope the timeline will accelerate as we get further into the process; the next two or three months should hold some real milestones for us. Both of us really look forward to sharing more with you soon!

As always, follow @sitgfilm and @mikeboers on Twitter for smaller updates as we go along.

~ Mike and Matt

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