Shadows in the Grass

Layouts Are Done!

We've crossed a few milestones recently, and have some more coming up!

About 2 weeks ago we finished tracking and layout on 99% of the show. There are a few very specific shots left that have interesting demands, but essentially all of our ~120 shots have had their camera tracked, laid out in 3D sets with Conrad and image planes for Laura, and slap-comps to marry it together.

That means, after ~14 months of part-time work since the bulk of the VFX on the actual show started, we are at a stage where every shot is represented and the road to a final film is one of iteration. We have a pipeline buildout stage coming up before we're churning through final shots, but it is very close, and we're very excited to be where we are!

The animation team will be delivering their experiments on their first scene in the next few days, and then we'll unleash them upon the rest of the show. We are working through the typical VFX/post-production pipeline in a very non-linear manner, so having final animation means we can (1) do 95% of the sound work long before the film is otherwise done, and (2) have a final to-do list for our assets.

It has been slow going, but we've been picking up steam the whole time, and a film is finally in sight!

~ Mike, Matt, and the SitG team

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