Shadows in the Grass

Nearly Animated!

We are pleased to tell you that post-production is continuing on this project, and things are picking up momentum behind the scenes. Our fantastic animator, Brian Vowels, has made huge progress in completing 90% of the animation on the film, and Matt and I are slowly checking off our to-do lists as we see more and more of this post-production puzzle come together.

We have also started preparing some of our base reward offerings, so we hope some of those will land in your mailboxes in time for the film reaching completion. We will also be contacting those of you at the various "Colonist" reward levels, who still wish to have their likeness featured in the Hypatia’s crew roster.

We wanted to share a few quick behind the scenes glimpses at the animation process so you can see Conrad coming to life:

Anticipate more updates from us soon, and thanks again for your continued support.

~ Mike and Matt

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